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About Fíos

Fíos is the powerful combination of shape and colour elevated to its highest potential. Boldness, functionality and presence being at the core of this design concept. Informal pieces that offer comfort, personality and infinite possibilities, with carefully detailed threadwork covering the structure with an attractive simplicity that leaves no room for indifference.


The word fíos etymologically derives from the Galician for threads. And this is precisely the concept behind the product; a large ball of differently coloured fíos.


At the core of the structure is a cotton case filled with expanded polystyrene balls. This nucleus is then completely covered by several layers of coloured fíos.


Fíos pouf are covered with strands of different recycled cotton fabrics, making this an environmentally conscious design.


The colours of each pouf are chosen by the client. Given the recycled nature of the fabrics there is a pre-determined list of colours, however, each colour is available in an array of shades.


Fíos poufs come in two standard sizes; child-size 40x30cm and adult-size 60x40cm. Measurements can be altered upon request.


Each piece is made totally by hand, finished with high quality thread and double stitching.
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